Building Chesterfield's Blueprint

Solid Fundamentals

Planning is essential to the success of Chesterfield. It's important to keep a pulse on what we need to be paying attention to and what's on the horizon as we best prepare Chesterfield for the future.

Setting the Strategy

Blueprint Chesterfield is the framework that organizes longstanding county practices related to budget and strategic planning. The Blueprint framework serves as the foundation for how we identify priorities, set strategic direction, and allocate resources. Ultimately, providing us with a tool to define why we do what we do.


To be an extraordinary and innovative community in which to live, learn, work, and play


  • Results
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Ethics
Everyday Excellence
Safe and Secure Community
Robust Economy
Healthy Living and Well-being
Thriving Communities
Learning for a Lifetime

Identifying Priorities

Throughout the year, Chesterfield initiates community engagement opportunities to talk with citizens and understand what’s happening; participating in various community outreach activities around the County. During the fall of 2019, staff attended planned events around the community, offering the opportunity to engage with citizens in a new format.

Additionally, as the COVID-19 pandemic took effect in Chesterfield, all in-person community meetings transitioned to Facebook Live events. Citizens were given the opportunity to offer feedback and ask questions via an online form, as well as during the live event. As circumstances continued to unfold, a second round of Facebook Live events was hosted to provide citizens the opportunity to offer feedback and input on the revised FY21 Budget.

The budget process has evolved to a year-round exercise. No matter where we are in the process, we value feedback and input anytime. Reach out to to share ideas or ask questions.

Blueprint Chesterfield Fall events
Blueprint Chesterfield Fall Event Social Services Job Fair
Blueprint Chesterfield Fall Event Eppington
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Blueprint Chesterfield Fall Event RCS
Blueprint Chesterfield Fall Event ChesterFest

The Five-Year Plan

Since FY2015, the County has utilized the Five-Year Plan framework to establish and track progress towards key priorities. Traditionally, the multi-year planning process has worked to identify and plan funding for new or large initiatives to be phased in over time. However, the five-year planning framework from FY21 through FY25 looks significantly different than prior year plans.

The FY2021 Five-Year Plan continues the tradition of providing a balanced outlook of the County’s General Government revenue and expenditures. Since the ongoing economic fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic creates a high level of uncertainty regarding out-year revenues, the Plan conservatively assumes that decreased revenues continue going forward. As a result, in order to project a balanced annual outlook, the Plan adds only the most essential new expenditures and also continues nearly all expenditure reductions effective in FY21. The Five-Year Plan focuses investment in these key areas:

  • Enhancing Customer Service
  • Reinforcing Public Safety
  • Strengthening Facilities and Infrastructure

Program and service enhancements originally proposed for FY21 but not included in this plan are poised for re-consideration as soon as economic conditions allow. Of top priority on this list is the $2.5M to address outcomes of teacher and public safety pay studies.

The complete listing of the FY21 Five-Year plan and future considerations is available in the FY21 Budget-in-Brief.


Making Connections

We’re making progress on key initaitives that were identified by our residents through the Blueprint Chesterfield process. Learn more about what is being done in these focus areas.


Chesterfield’s population is continuing to see a steady rise in those aged 55 or older; and, great strides have been made to dedicate resources to senior services. See what’s happening here to meet the recreational, mobility, and financial needs of senior residents.


Building a strong, resilient community takes time and effort with both public and private efforts working together. Dedicated resources for sidewalk and road projects, special area plans to preserve key gateways and corridors, and the beginnings of an updated zoning ordinance are just a few of the efforts underway to ensure our community remains strong as it grows.


Effective communication is paramount in successfully engaging and interacting with the community. The county has a weekly e-newsletter and numerous social media channels where you can find updated information. In addition, great strides are made to promote openness and transparency, check out the Open Government portal.


The county’s newest strategic goal, Learning for Lifetime, focuses on providing a range of learning opportunities for residents of all ages. Learning is supported primarily via local support and funding for Chesterfield County Public Schools but also through parks and recreation programming, libraries, and a variety of citizen academies.


Volunteers are a key component in the delivery of vital services throughout Chesterfield. Volunteer opportunities exist in Libraries, Fire and EMS, Parks and Recreation, Community Enhancement, Cooperative Extension, Police, and many other areas. Get involved and give back to your community!


The County is committed to continuously improving its service-centric culture. If you’re new to Chesterfield, or just want to learn more about how your local government operates, look at all the ways County staff strives for everyday excellence while working on behalf of Chesterfield residents.

Starting a Conversation

Let’s talk! Share your ideas, provide feedback and input, tell us why you’re here – reach out anytime. Use the contact the form below or email