Building Chesterfield's Blueprint

Solid Fundamentals

Planning is essential to the success of Chesterfield. It's important to keep a pulse on what we need to be paying attention to and what's on the horizon as we best prepare Chesterfield for the future.

Making Connections

We’re making progress on key initiatives that were identified by our residents through the Blueprint Chesterfield process. Learn more about what is being done in these focus areas.

Starting a Conversation

Let’s talk! Share your ideas, provide feedback and input, tell us why you’re here – reach out to us anytime.

Explore the Budget

On April 6, 2022 the Board of Supervisors approved the FY2023 Budget and Capital Improvement Program of $905.5 million, effective July 1, 2022. On June 29, 2022 the budget was amended to include $1.1 million in additional funding for Schools, as the State released their final budget, increasing the total General Fund budget to $906.6 million. The FY2023 budget continues the construction plan of the framework established through the Adopted FY2022 Budget. Inclusive of FY2022 amendments, the final FY2023 budget is proposed to increase by approximately $99.6 million million, or 12.3 percent. The key areas of the FY2023 budget are highlighted below:
Emphasis on Customer Service

Emphasis on Customer Service

Introducing a new Constituent Services department for deeper citizen engagement with county leadership; Funding for a taxpayer portal for the Commissioner of Revenue for citizens to seamlessly view and pay taxes online; Additional positions for the Treasurer's Office; Creative Content Writer and Videographer positions within our Communications and Media department to support our web and video outreach initiatives to the community
Continuing Commitment to Public Safety

Continuing Commitment to Public Safety

Technology maintenance/upgrades to the Emergency Communications Center; Part-time to full-time conversion of Community Corrections Probation Officer and Technician; Expansion of police service aide program; Adding six new Sheriff positions to allow for staffing flexibility/facility maximization; 2022 bond referendum identifies four police stations, two fire station replacements and two fire station renovations; Security camera replacements in the county's courts and jail
Strengthening Investment in Infrastructure

Strengthening Investment in Infrastructure

$23M programmed over next five years to promote community connectivity (e.g. sidewalks and trails); Over $147M over the next five years in transportation funding from the Central Virginia Transportation Authority (CVTA); Investments in technological infrastructure to bolster cybersecurity; Continues to adhere to all major maintenance policies; Contributions to the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) 82x Express Route
Enhancing Quality of Life

Enhancing Quality of Life

Continued phase for Libraries on multi-year transition from part-time to full-time positions; Increased positions and equipment for Parks & Recreation Athletic Field Crew; $5.3M for LaPrade Library renovation; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enhancements; Adding a Child Advocacy Center Mental Health Outpatient Clinician; 2022 bond referendum proposing two library rebuilds/expansions, one new library in the western Hull Street Road area, boat launches in the James River and Falling Creek areas, River City Sportsplex enhancements, and funding for Horner Park
Investment in Support Services

Investment in Support Services

Implementation of a $15M General Government pay plan for the remaining workforce; Countywide paid internship program; Support for Employee Medical Center by way of an additional Customer Service Representative and Nurse Practitioner; Real Estate Assessment Assistant Director position; Desktop Support position for Information Systems Technology

Tools and Resources

FY22 Priorities

Planning for the future and focusing our efforts. Read through the FY22 Priorities to learn about where the County is headed over the next 12 months.

Key Financial Indicators

Interested in comprehensive financial, economic, and demographic datasets? Then this online dashboard is for you; tracking overall performance and how the metrics inform the future economic, financial, and budgetary outlook for the County.

Line Item Details

Do you love to sort through the details? Every single dollar is accounted for in the full line item detail listing.

The Budget Team

The Budget Team is responsible for developing and aiding in financial oversight for the annual budget and capital improvement program to ensure good fiscal stewardship of the County's resources.

Through the Blueprint Chesterfield initiative, the department engages with the community year-round to stay informed about what's most important. Budget and Management also uses the Five-Year plan as a framework for prioritizing current and future resource needs and works closely with staff from other departments, the Citizens’ Budget Advisory Committee, and the Board of Supervisors all the way through annual budget adoption in April.

In addition to maintaining the County Triple-AAA bond rating, the department has received the Government Finance Officer's Association's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for 36 consecutive years, which is the highest form of recognition for excellence in local government budgeting.