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On April 10, 2019 the Board of Supervisor’s approved the FY2020 Budget and FY2020-2024 Capital Improvement Plan. The FY2020 General Fund budget was adopted at $733.7M, up three percent from FY19, and fully funds the Schools’ approved budget. This budget continues to strengthen investment in core services such education, public safety and infrastructure; while also allocating resources to enhance services for seniors and revitalization initiatives.

Understanding how your tax dollar is invested

General Fund, Total Expenditures $733.7 million

Snapshot of the Budget Process

  • Planning and Preparation

    During the summer months, planning efforts begin to prepare for the next budget cycle. Staff is comparing the fiscal year that just ended to the one that is just beginning to identify structural issues that should be addressed in the next cycle. The first part of the budget that begins to take shape during this time frame is the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

  • Community Engagement and Development

    The county offers several ways for the community to get involved in the budget process, both in person and online. CIP project scoping and budget development is well underway with the proposed plan presented in the December/January time frame. Budget analysts work diligently to review departmental operating budgets, reconciling year-over-year changes, and reset departmental funding ‘targets’ based on those adjustments. At the same time, departments are assessing and prioritizing additional needs and developing business cases to support their requests for additional funding.

  • Revenues, Presentations, and Feedback

    Early in the calendar year real estate property assessments are finalized and the revenue outlook is evaluated. The Board of Supervisors decides what tax rates to advertise and holds a work session to review the projected revenues for the upcoming year. Also, during this time, the School Board approves the school divisions operating and capital budgets. The County administrator presents the proposed budget during a work session with the Board of Supervisors followed by a round of community meetings to review and discuss the plan. In late March, the Board of Supervisors will hold public hearings related to the budget.

  • Budget Adoption, Fiscal Year-End

    Per County code, the Board of Supervisors adopts the CIP and Budget before May 1. Year-end projections are being reviewed and presented to the Board of Supervisors. On July 1, the new fiscal year begins. And, then, it starts all over again!

Current Budget Documents